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MTI’s mobile product portfolio covers single and multi-carrier linear power amplifiers for use in Cellular, PCS, CDMA and WCDMA Systems. MTI’s RRH operates in 3GPP variant band using Frequency Domain Duplexing (FDD), and transmits a maximum average power level of 40W per ANT port. The radio is intended for 4G LTE and 5G NR operation, and can support up to two (2) carriers per ANT path. The radio connects to the baseband unit via an O-RAN interface that support eCPRI and functional split 7.2x. It operates from nominal -48 VDC input voltage

MTI provides many IP and technologies to create this O-RAN RU

·      RF front end design skills from 400 MHz to sub-6 GHz to mmWave

·      High efficiency PA design knowledge

·      Flexible IP for fractional sample rate conversion and frequency translation, our"DSP Back End"

·      JESD-204B and 204C for connection to high-speed data converters

·      CPRI v4.2 through v7.0 for legacy RRH

·      CFR/DPD – both in-house and Xilinx-based IP

·      eCPRI and IEEE 1914.3

·      IEEE 1588 Synchronization

·      xRAN functional split 7.2x, Control plane, User plane

·      Beam forming / Beam tracking algorithms

More information : www.mtigroup.com/mobile

For Information Contact
Jerry Chen
mail to: jerry.chen@mtigroup.com
Tel: +886-3-5773335 ext.6055

Product Series
  Lionhead 2T2R 20W RRH  
  Lionhead 2T2R 40W RRH  
  Quadriga 4T4R 40W RRH  
  Quadriga 2T4R 80W RRH  
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