Purchasing Policy

Being a global corporate citizen, MTI is committed to fair trade principles with its supply chain partners, promoting environmental protection, ensuring safety, health and human rights of the workers to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.  MTI also demands that all its suppliers strictly adhere to applicable laws and regulations, respect environmental protection, prohibit children or non-voluntary laborers, treat the workers fairly, reject any kind of discrimination and refrain from purchasing the so-called “conflict mines” to avoid supporting military conflicts and human rights abuse.  MTI Group declares and undertakes not to accept the metal from the “conflict mines” and demands that all its suppliers to adhere to the MTI Group Purchasing Policy and ensure no material from the “conflict mines” be delivered to MTI.


Note: Conflict metal refers to the minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Metals of concern are refined into Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W) and Gold (referred as 3TG).

If you have any questions or comments about our supply chain, please feel free to contact Ms. Lin.
E-mail: Arisa.Lin@mtigroup.com, Tel:+886-3-577 3335 #2144, Fax: +886-577-0936


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