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MIT Group has observed recently web scammers post fake job offers on Craigslist by appropriating our high executives’ identities. The fake job posts are everywhere, in every city, for all job types - especially looming in the part-time job category. Usually, after the applicant responds to the fraudulent posts, the scammers will send a fake paycheck and ask the applicant deposit or transfer money for them. In the middle of deposit or transfer, the scammers will gain the applicant’s financial data and take money from the applicant’s account.

In order to protect you from those internet hacking, phishing, pharming, and email scams, we hereby proclaim that our official email address is “”.  For security purposes, it is advisable that you do NOT respond to the emails nor reveal your personal information, in the event that you receive any emails from non-MTI official email address.  Should you have any questions, please mail to

Information Technology Dept. & Legal Dept.

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