In accordance with the Company Act and other related Taiwanese laws, MTI establish a corporate governance system in order to enhance information transparency, protect shareholders’ right, strengthen the function of the Board of directors and respect the affected stakeholders. With the successful implementation of corporate governance, we can enhance the business performance and achieve the goal of sustainable operation.

The Board assigned MTI’s CFO, Ms. Hualin Chi to be the Corporate Governance Officer on March 19, 2019. She also acts as the corporate secretary who is in charge with the duties of supervising the pursuit of corporate governance. Ms. Chi has been in a managerial position for more than three years in public company to handle financial affairs.

For the establishment of the management system for the prevention of insider trade, the Company has passed the amendment to the “Procedure for the Processing of Inside Information in Material Aspects" in the 19th session of the 14th Board on 2016.03.18.

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The Finance and Stock Affairs Department is in charge of corporate governance related business under the supervision of the Corporate Governance Office of the Company. The primary functions are as follows:

  • Assist Independent Director and General Directors in performing their duties, providing required information and continuing education.
    1. Provide board members the revision of the latest laws and regulations related to corporate governance once on board and updated regularly.
    2. Provide company information required by directors, and maintain smooth communication channel between directors and managers.
    3. In accordance with the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, the Independent directors meet with the Chief Internal Auditor and the CPAs individually, to understand the development of the company’s financial business in the sessions of the Audit Committee quarterly.
    4. Assist Independent Directors and General Directors in planning annual training schedule and arranging courses based on the company's industry characteristics and directors' background.
  • Assist the Board of Directors and Shareholders Meeting procedures and resolutions for legal compliance matters:
    1. Report the corporate governance implementation status to the Board of Directors, Independent Directors, and Audit Committee. Confirm whether the company's shareholders meeting and the board of directors meet the relevant laws and Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles.
    2. Assist and remind directors to comply with the laws and regulations when conducting business or making formal board resolutions.
    3. Review the release of material information of important resolutions of the Board with legality and correctness to guarantee the information symmetry of all investor.
    4. Handle the performance evaluation of the board of directors and various functional committees, and report the results to the Board of Directors.
  • Draft the agenda of the Board of Directors and notify the directors 7 days in advance, convene the meeting and provide meeting materials. Remind the Directors if there are conflicts of interest issues of the resolutions. The minutes of the board of directors should be delievered within 20 days after the meeting.
  • Handle the registration of shareholders meetings’ date, prepare meeting notices, meeting handbooks, and meeting minutes. Handle the company certificate registration when there are amendments of the articles of association or the re-election of directors and so on….
  • Take care of company information disclosure and public relations maintenance. Communicate with investors through institution investor conference and annual shareholders’ meetings. Update the company website irregularly. Investors can know the company's financial, business, corporate governance and other related information in time in order to protect their rights and interests.
  • Assist in the implementation and promotion of all corporate governance related work in the company.
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Education Courses Completed




July 29, 2021

Securities and Futures Institute

The value of information security in the post-epidemic era and the U.S.-China trade war


September 1, 2021

Financial Supervisory Commission-The 13th Taipei Corporate Governance Forum(13th TAICGOF)


September 30, 2021

Taiwan Investor Relations Institute-Digital transformation in the post-epidemic era


November 7, 2021

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation 2021 Cathay Sustainable Finance and Climate Change Summit


The Corporate Governance Officer has completed  18 hours of continuing education courses in 2021.

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