5G network architecture has been designed to support flexible deployments using network function virtualization, software-defined networking, separation of control-plane and user-plane, and network slicing. 4G/5G Radio Access Network eNB/gNB under the O-RAN architecture definition, consists of Central Unit (CU), Distributed Unit (DU) and Radio Unit (RU). O-RAN selected the option 7.2x as the functional split between DU and RU. MTI is a member of O-RAN and the TIP alliance. With years of experience in RF communication and product development, MTI launched a 5G white box O-RU development. The MTI RU solution supports the 5G flexible network architecture and deployment configuration. MTI’s O-RU has performed IOT testing and successfully passed end to end testing with many CU/DU vendors.

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4G & 5G

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4G / 5G RU
Cellular Backhaul

4G / 5G RU

MTI O-RU supports the O-RAN specification function split option 7.2x Management plane, Control plane, User plane and Synchronization plane requirements. Support the following functions, IFFT/FFT, CP Insertion/Removal, PRB Blanking, Fragmentation, Compression/De-Compression, PRACH (Physical Random Access Channel), PUSCH (Physical Uplink Shared Channel) and PDSCH (Physical Downlink Shared Channel) channel processing.


Cellular Backhaul

MTI’s Microwave and Millimeter-wave (mmW) transceivers and ODUs (Outdoor Units) are used in commercial point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems enabling mobile network transmission and fixed-access wireless communication. All of these products are tailored to fit customer’s specifications, incorporating MTI’s extensive RF design and integration expertise to ensure high performance.

Market Competition
  • Use Off-the-shelf hardware to design in a modular fashion
  • SDR support software flexibility, programmability and upgradability
  • Pass ORAN IoT Standard with several cloud native software providers
Customer Choice
  • Support operators’ unique need to have variety in bands and power combination
  • Capable to import new network capability via easy software upgrade
  • Supply ORAN standard RU to reduce cost of network operator who are looking to transition to a vRAN architecture for 5G
Improved Network Performance
  • MIMO configurations increase cell capacity, especially for the sub-6 Macro station around the world
  • Common platform solution can perform 4G and 5G Layer 1 processing
  • 100% ORAN compliant to support mobile network becoming more software-driven, virtualized , flexible, intelligent and energy efficiency
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