Ku-Band BUC

MTI Ku-Band Block Up Converter (BUC) is a high performance RF equipment for satellite communications. It is mainly designed for satellite broadband or private network applications, including voice, data, and internet access through satellite.
This product is connected between OMT/ feed 950 ~ 1450 MHz and RF output is from 14.0 ~ 14.5 GHz. Transmit output power are available for 2 and 4 Watts.


Feature & Specifications :

  • L-Band IF interface with satellite modem (IDU)
  • Constant gain and high linearity
  • Extremely low phase noise
  • Very high DC power efficiency
  • Built-in transmit high pass filter
  • PLO lock detection and PA mute function
  • Low cost, high quality and compact design


VSAT KU Band BUC.png (761 KB)



Ka-Band Transceiver

MTI has been supporting world-leading GEO and LEO satellite broadband operators with engineering and volume manufacturing services for Ka-Band Transceivers used in residential, aviation, maritime and land-mobility applications.


Feature & Specifications :

  • RF Output: 28.3 to 30.0 GHz ; IF Input: 1800 to 2300 MHz
  • High-stability and phase noise LO : Free running DRO
  • Output Power : 3W
  • Data rate : 3Mbps upload ; 12 Mbps download


KA Band_Transceiver_012622.png (702 KB)



Ku-Band LEO Transceiver

MTI's satellite ODU is a new generation Ku-band transceiver for LEO Satellite broadband market. It provides most compact transmitted and received circuit design to achieve reliable and cost-effective solution.


Feature & Specifications :

  • Robust/reliable design for maritime, vehicle, and land applications in LEO satellite system
  • Smart gain control and PLL technology to achieve excellent gain and frequency stability
  • Efficient power and gain calibration technology
  • Innovated fitting algorithm to build cost-effective calibration solution
  • Ultra-low loss coupling technique to enhance transmitting power efficiency
  • Robust LVDS telemetry to provide excellent link/communication quality
  • Professional outdoor environmental design to ensure superior unit lifetime


VSAT_BUC_Ku Band_LEO_Transceiver_4.png (686 KB)