Design & Engineering Core Competencies

  • Chip-On-Board Technology and Capability
  • Chip-On-Board Features and Benefits
  • Chip-On-Board Process Flow

Chip-On-Board (COB) Technology brings better RF and thermal performance options which could not package bare die for system designer. In this technology, MTI could handle GaAs/GaN by Wafer/Gel pack/Waffle pack and design dispensing pattern for bare die to directly attached onto the surface of PCB or Pedestal (reduce voids residue), and establish the electrical connection from PCB to GaAS/GaN by auto wedge wire bonding or auto ball bonding process. MTI had excellence experience on silver adhesive of die bonding and wire length/wire loop control of wire bonding to support better performance of COB process.


Features and Benefits

  • High accuracy placement compared to SMD solder process
  • High or Low Voltage Design
  • Better thermal dissipation
  • Better attached strength
  • Miniaturization in X/Y axis by wire bonding
  • Better RF performance
  • Minimizes stray capacitance and inductance
  • Good mechanical and thermal stability
mti_service_COB_cross-section.jpg (280 KB)

Chip-On-Board Process Flow

mti_service_COB-flow-chart.jpg (336 KB)


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