Design & Engineering Core Competencies

  • Over 30 years professional experiences
  • Professional Product Mechanical Design
  • Outdoor weathering resistant
  • Material Applications
  • ME Design tools

More than 30 years of experiences to organize different structures, materials and tooling application for mass production.


Outdoor weathering resistant

  • Waterproof: (IP66,IP67…)
  • Solar/UV
  • Salt corrosion
  • High/Low temperatures
  • Vibration/Wind-Load
  • Quick installation mounting kit
Outdoor-weathering-resistant4.jpg (668 KB)

Material applications

  • EMI Protection
  • Heat Dissipation: Thermal pad, Thermal grease, Heat pipe, Graphite, High Thermal Conductivity Casting
  • Waterproof: O-ring, Gasket, Vent, Adhesive
  • Metal Material: Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Brass, SPTE, Stainless, Cu-Ni alloy
  • Plastic: ABS, PP, ASA, PC, PVC, HDPE, PTEF, Nylon
  • Rubber: Silicone, EPDM, TPU
MTI_ME-materials.png (1.72 MB)

ME design tools

  • SolidWorks
  • Pro/E
  • AutoCAD
  • FloTHERM_XT: Thermal Simulation for heat dissipation optimization
ME_6.png (450 KB)