Design & Engineering Core Competencies

  • Over 30 years VSAT outdoor product profession
  • Proven competitive MW outdoor VSAT Ku-Ka products developing
  • Sophisticated DFM facilitation for optimal product cost and quality
  • Customized automatic mm-Wave product manufacturing

MTI's VSAT outdoor products of GEO and LEO

  • Developed competitive Ku/Ka-band LEO XCVR
  • Efficient flat Antenna manufacturing


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Proven competitive MW outdoor VSAT products developing for Ku/Ka band VSAT applications

Seasoned MW/RF developing experience and comprehensive Circuit/EM design platform and tools to expedite time-to-market robust Transceiver/BUC/LNB availability

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Sophisticated DFM expertise to guarantee superior product quality and cost competition

In-house delicate process/manufacture experts and professional DFM tools (Valor, DOE) to provide customers valuable suggestion as well as facilitate customer’s design for high-volume production

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Customized automatic mm-Wave XCVR/BUC/ANT manufacture

  • Customized mm-Wave assembly and automatic test developing to guarantee product quality and production efficiency
  • Experienced large flat-panel antenna process: SMT-DOE, under-fill, conformal coating, and innovated ANT testing
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